Websites development for associations and positioning on Google We create websites for associations throughout Italy, offering you a professional, fast and economical service.

searching on google, you will find hundreds of companies that deal with construction e creation of websites for associations. so why rely on shopping plus web agency i your project?

we will explain it to you immediately.  Simple: usually, those who create websites for associations, do not think (or do not know) that in addition to a "beautiful graphics" a site must be visible on Google, generate traffic and consequently provide new contacts!

on the other hand, to astonish the customer and to justify an “important” tariff, a website is delivered by modern and captivating graphics, in fact it is the request that is made the 90% of the times to a web designer: “Customer” “I want a website that will leave my visitor speechless! "

what the customer ignores (and for obvious reasons he is not told) is that his new website, however beautiful it may be, will never be visited by anyone. the reason? It will be a website like many others, created and published without any kind of optimization seo or strategic analysis, with the sole objective of delivering what the customer asked for in the shortest possible time: a "modern, attractive" website and above all characterized by beautiful graphics!

let's pretend to be a lawyer and want publish a website to promote our business. our headquarters are in monza: the main purpose of our site is to find new customers. let's search for the keyword of greatest interest on google, or “lawyer Monza“.

once the search has been carried out, the engine generates to date, the beauty of 1,530,000 results relating to these keywords. google sorts these contents considering the consistency and the presumed authoritativeness of the indexed web pages of the website positioning and in your database. on the first page there are only 10 positions: how many chances do you have of being found by a customer who (if really motivated) will go as far as browsing through to the third or fourth page?


speaking clearly: if yours website it was made by not taking this into account it is very likely that you will not even be present in the 1,530,000 results. do you understand what this means? on the internet your website will be nowhere to be found!


in the long years of experience accumulated in this sector they have taught us a fundamental concept: what is a customer looking for that turns to a web agency for the creation of a website?

  • Definitely a functional and simple to use product;
  • Certainly a beautiful site but one that also brings concrete results;
  • Interlocutors who speak clearly, without too many technical terms;
  • Definitely a fair and transparent professional relationship, without unworkable promises;
  • Without a doubt: top quality results at affordable prices!

whatever your project is, shopping plus web agency wants to give you just that. we create showcase websites, updateable websites, e-commerce stores, blogs. tell us about your project and we will offer you the best solution for any specific need. we guarantee you the best value for money on the market.